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Quality – Crisp detail and vivid colour

Are you looking for a UK sticker company that offers quality at affordable prices? Then look no further than Discount Sticker Printing for sticker and label printing services online!

All of our custom stickers are manufactured and printed on durable polypropylene vinyl or paper, with high definition Xeikon printing and eco-friendly toners for crisp detail and vivid colour which really brings your artwork to life.

After all, making them stand out with quality and colour is key to making sure that they get noticed, especially if you need custom labels where you have a business, brand, promotion or special offer to promote.

The use of vinyl material and eco-friendly toners also means that your personalised stickers and labels will be fully weatherproof, waterproof and UV resistant for years of indoor or outdoor use. This is particularly important for vehicle stickers, where durability is key as you advertise your brand or business to thousands of people when driving.


Customisation – Any shape and any size

With our sticker and label printing service, you can customise stickers to your exact requirements and still pay a very affordable price.

We take great pride in offering flexible options for all orders large or small, so not only can you choose from a huge range of different shapes, lamination and adhesive options, but you can also enter in your own measurements for a COMPLETELY bespoke size!

When you combine this with the ability to upload your own artwork, you can make stickers and labels suited to any need you can think of. They can be used for products, promotion, branding, special events and more. So if you want to buy labels online, we’ve got you covered.

The low minimum order value also means you’re free to only order the quantity you really need. You won’t be forced to buy thousands if you only need a few hundred. This makes our printing ideal for large-scale orders through to short runs with the same great quality included as standard.


Prices - some of the UK’s lowest label prices

As a sticker and label manufacturer, we pride ourselves on fantastic quality at some of the lowest prices in the UK. This means you can have cheap labels or stickers which still give you that premium look without breaking the bank.

When it comes to buying stickers online, there are a few ways we make sure cost isn’t an issue. Alongside some of the UK’s lowest prices, we also offer customisation options which allow you to tailor cheap stickers to your exact requirements and budget.

The low minimum order value also means that you don’t have to order thousands which may prove too expensive. Instead, just order what you need with any quantity large or small. Even short runs get the exact same quality and service.

Finally, to make your printed stickers even more affordable, you can get FREE next-day UK delivery after dispatch.

Start by using our quick quote calculator above to get an instant price!


Sticker printing with service that’s fast, friendly and always keen to help

We aim to provide first class service from as soon as you visit our website to the moment your order arrives at your door.

Need advice? Want to order via phone? Our friendly and experienced team is on hand to help you in every way we can. If you’re unsure about anything, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through ordering your new printed labels or stickers. This includes how to upload your artwork and any other help you may need.

As sticker makers, our service also goes beyond customer support to make sure the entire experience is fast and efficient. Once we’ve received your order, it will be printed in only 2 to 3 working days and then sent on its way with FREE next-day UK delivery after dispatch for Pro orders.

The History of Stickers

Stickers have become such an everyday part of our lives that it is almost impossible to imagine a world without them. From the post-it note reminding you to pick up pet food,  to an eye catching window display - they are the success story of our age. So where did they come from and how have they evolved from their early beginnings?

What is a sticker?

Wikipedia defines them as: "A piece of paper or plastic, adhesive, sticky on one side, and often with a pattern, or a solid shape as the background, that can be peeled off a backing paper and stuck as a single piece on just about anything. Stickers can be printed, made out of cut vinyl, or be even just a blank shape, ready to be written on."

In the beginning … the history

You'd think something as ubiquitous as a sticker would have a definitive history. But that's not the case. There isn't a definitive source, but there are various suggested uses throughout history.

Historians have identified a type of sticker that was used in ancient Egypt to promote daily market rates. Archaeologists have recovered items at Egyptian digging sites that appear to be pricing and/or product descriptions sealed to walls of old cities. These artifacts are thought to have been made on a form of early paper, which was written on and then affixed to the walls of assorted market places throughout the land.

Then we have to jump forward several thousand years to look at the work of Sir Rowland Hill, who, in 1839,  developed and set into production an adhesive paper that became the first postage stamps.

Soon after, in the 1880s,  European traders and vendors, faced with jam-packed market places, began looking for ways to pull in new customers. They did this by affixing luminous paper labels to their goods. It is not clear if these labels were printed at first, but at some point printing appeared on them promoting the goods or listing prices.  These paper labels were fixed to surfaces using a gum paste.

At the turn of the century stickers were well established as a common component of the advertising world. In the early 1900s, a sticker paste was invented that could be applied and then dried. It then had to be dampened to initiate the paste to bond. 

The self-adhesive label, as we know it today was invented in 1935 by R. Stanton Avery He created a peel-off backing which was to revolutionise the industry. 

Widespread commercial use for fun kicked in by accident, when in 1960 the Italian newspaper moguls Benito and Giuseppe Panini found a collection of 'figurines' (stickers attached with glue) which a company in Milan had failed to sell. The brothers succeeded soon after by selling three million packets. They then set up the hugely successful Panini sticker company on the back of their success. The company became famous for its football collections, and by 1970 it was the first sticker company to produce stickers for the football World Cup. Panini led the way in introducing self-adhesive stickers to the children's market in the 1970s, and by the early eighties was a world leader in sticker sales. The brothers later sold the company to Marvel comics. Most recently Panini produced stickers for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. 

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