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How to buy cheap ocal and circle stickers online which give you all of the quality you need without the hefty cost

You’ve decided on your round stickers, now to decide on the other details which allow you to customise your sticker order to your precise needs.

Firstly, enter in your height and width measurements of the custom circle or oval size you would like. Remember that the sizes you choose dictate whether your stickers are circular or oval in shape. If the height and width is the same (i.e. 4cm x 4cm) it will be a perfectly round circle. If they’re off (i.e. 5cm x 4 cm) then it will be oval. The rest is self-explanatory!

Once you’ve done this, enter your quantity and any other details you need and you will be given an instant online quote and a place to upload your artwork if you’re happy with the price. You can also select to receive a FREE basic custom design if you don’t have your own artwork available.

Your round stickers will then be printed out in 1440dpi high definition using eco-friendly solvent inks for crisp detail, stunning colour and full weatherproof properties. Your order is then securely packaged up and shipped to you with next day UK delivery as standard which is free if you spend over £50!

To buy oval and circle stickers, get your instant quote now by entering in your options using the calculator above!

What are Circle Stickers?

Circle stickers are conveniently shaped labels that allow you to communicate your brand and message effectively. Typically used in many different sectors, such as food, cosmetics, homeware and more, round stickers help to create a sense of whimsy with their classic, timeless aesthetic, drawing people’s attention by creating a frame around your logo and company name.

Uses of Circle Stickers

While circle stickers are ideal for personal use and general organisation, they are also perfect for small businesses looking to get their name out there. Circle stickers can be effortlessly applied to smaller products, such as lip balms and moisturisers, but are also suitable for larger items like candles and plant pots. Whatever your business provides, we guarantee that you will find a circle sticker to suit your needs.

Benefits of Circle Stickers

The benefits of circle stickers are numerous, with the main one being that achieving seamless symmetry has never been easier. Unlike square or rectangular stickers, which require more careful placement, circular ones can be applied almost anywhere - without your design or wording being impacted. Whether you want to place a sticker on the top of a lid or add more information, such as ingredients or a barcode to your item, circle stickers offer a simple yet creative solution.

Types of Circle Stickers

There are many different types of circle stickers to choose from, and we pride ourselves on our products being fully customisable. Whatever size circle sticker you require can be put through our 1440dpi high-definition printers, offering the crispest, clearest resolution to make your designs stand out.

Materials and Printing Options for Circle Stickers

For hard-wearing, more durable circle stickers, perfect for products that are going to be in transit or stored outside, we offer waterproof, weatherproof and UV-resistant vinyl. For a more budget-friendly, rustic-looking option, paper stickers could be more suitable for your business. Whichever material you choose, your stickers will be printed with eco-friendly solvent inks, encouraging a professional-looking aesthetic.

Designing Circle Stickers

If you have a design already drawn up, you can upload it to our website with your desired measurements, to receive an instant free quote. It is important to remember that when choosing the height and width of your stickers, you will be deciding whether they are circular or oval-shaped.

For a perfectly circular finish, ensure that the height and width are the same. If you have a design in mind but do not have the skills to execute it, why not have one of our expert graphic designers bring your creation to life? We also offer free basic templates, for those looking for inspiration for their logo. 

FAQ – Common questions about circle and oval stickers answered!

Q. What finishes do you offer?
Choose from normal finishes such as gloss and matt, as well as clear stickers, metallic stickers and more – all circular!

Q. What sizes do you offer?
Enter in your own size measurements for a completely custom size no matter how small or large!

Q. Are they weatherproof?
Yes! Vinyl material and eco-friendly solvent inks makes them waterproof, weatherproof and UV resistant

Q. How do I choose between circle and oval?
Simply adjust the size measurement. For example, 4cm by 4cm would result in a perfect circle, whereas 6cm by 4cm would result in a wider oval shape. The choice is yours.

Q. What are your turnaround and delivery terms?
Your order is printed within 2 to 3 working days and then shipped to you with next day delivery as standard (free on orders over £50)

Q. Can I upload my own artwork?
Yes! Upload your own artwork or even let us create a free basic custom design for you.