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Food-Safe Labels

Custom food safe label printing in any size from 0.1p each

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Personalised food labels up close

Quality that helps increase your sales

Making your labels food-safe is important, but at the same time, they have other roles. They represent your brand and promote your products. They’re responsible for how customers judge your food before trying it.

Ultimately, your labels can directly impact your sales and profit.

That’s why we take the quality of your labels seriously, with Xeikon printing technology for industry-leading detail. The design, images description, logo, ingredients, nutritional values – they’ll all be vivid in colour and ultra sharp.

Adhesive sticky labels being printed

It's not just a product - it's a service

Uploading your own artwork? We’ll check it to make sure it’s perfect before we print. Need a design? We can create that with our free design service.

Turnaround is fast, next-day UK delivery after dispatch is free, and if there are any issues, we’ll immediately reprint your order.

We understand that for most businesses, their food-safe labels are mission critical. No labels could mean production grinding to a halt. That’s why we aim to be fully dependable while adapting to your business as it grows. 

Close up on food label showing printing quality

Serve your customers with confidence

We’ve printed millions of custom food labels for artisan producers through to large-scale manufacturers. Common uses include labels for food packaging such as packets, bags, bottles, tubs, cartons, containers and boxes.

Businesses we’ve supplied adhesive labels to include food producers, caterers, importers, farms, shops, bakeries, breweries, butchers, cafes, restaurants, pubs, market stalls, food trucks and much more.

It’s all about creating quality custom food labels, fast and affordably, that impress your customers while keeping them safe as they munch away. 

Food safe label printing, as well as non-toxic label printing in general, can be broken down into three key areas: the material, the toner, and the adhesive.

The label material

The two most common materials for this purpose are polypropylene and paper.


This is a non-toxic thermoplastic which has high chemical and heat resistance. This is why it’s by far the most popular waterproof material for self-adhesive food labels. 

It’s best used for indirect contact, such as the outside of food cartons and packaging. These properties also make it suitable for other situations where ingestion or mouth contact is a factor, such as printed custom labels for toys, supplements, medicines, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Paper may not be waterproof, but its uncoated form consists only of cellulose fibres, which is one of the main components of dietary plant fibre that humans regularly consume. 

With the right combination of toners and adhesives, it can therefore be made completely food-safe even for direct contact on dry foodstuffs.

The toner

Our printing presses use dry toner electrophotography as opposed to traditional ink. Alongside this being a more modern printing method with better colour and detail, it’s also solvent-free and allows for food-safe printing.

We only use Xeikon toners to print labels, which formally comply with FDA guidelines for direct and indirect contact. The toner is environmentally friendly and odour-free, too.

The adhesive

The adhesive is acrylic based and confirms to guidelines BfR XIV and FDA 21 CFR 175.105 regarding food contact safety. 

The development of a specialised middle layer allows for high tack and strong adhesion that’s resistant to moisture and oils, along with an operating temperature from -30c to 95c+ for short periods.

Resolution: 300dpi+

Colour format: CMYK

Bleed: 3mm

Safe zone: 3mm

File formats: PDF, JPEG, AI, EPS

Unsure about anything?

Not to worry. We'll always manually inspect the files you send us before we start printing. If we spot anything unusual, we'll contact you with a proof first. And if we do find any issues relating to the specifications, we can often fix them for you at no extra charge as well.

How do I order?

To get started, enter your desired shape and size into the calculator above, and then follow the instructions to order food-safe labels online in just a few minutes.

Alternatively, please contact us where one of our sales advisors can arrange your order for you.

What shapes and sizes are available?

We can print ANY bespoke shape and size. Just enter your own height and width measurements, and then choose from a square, rectangle, circle, oval, or completely custom shape that contours around your design.

What materials are available?

We offer polypropylene which is waterproof and safe for use on the outside of food packaging, and uncoated food-safe labels made with paper, which is safe even for direct food or mouth contact.

What are the artwork options?

You can upload your own artwork, or if you don’t have a design yet, we can create one for you with our FREE label design service. Just choose that option during checkout, and then upload any text or images you would like included.

Can I have food-safe waterproof stickers?

Yes. You can choose polypropylene vinyl which is safe for indirect food use while also being completely waterproof and resistant to most food-related liquids.

Can they directly contact edible items?

If you expect the labels to come into direct food contact (for example, a sticker on a piece of fruit), our uncoated paper labels are suitable for this purpose.

Are they suitable for use on hot food?

Your labels will be able to handle temperatures up to 80c for sustained periods, and up to 95c for short periods, making them suitable for use on hot food packaging.

Are they suitable for freezing?

Your labels will be able to handle temperatures as low as -30c without issue, making them ideal for industrial freezing storage.

Do the printed food-safe labels abide by regulations?

Yes. All the materials, adhesives and toners we use comply with the relevant European, BfR and FDA regulations for food contact safety.