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Individual Kiss-Cut Stickers

UK custom printed sticker singles from 0.15p each

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Kiss cut sticker printing

Quality is key

Your individually cut custom stickers will be printed using Xeikon technology. The result is ultra-sharp detail and rich colour to impress your target audience.

This level of quality is key for a range of uses, particularly where the sticker singles will represent your brand or are being distributed as merchandise.

You can enter any bespoke shape and size, and if you choose polypropylene vinyl, they will be fully waterproof as well.

Delivered with peace of mind

Uploading your own artwork? We’ll check it before we print for your peace of mind. No artwork yet? We can create it for you with our free design service.

We’ve provided individually cut and kiss cut sticker printing for a wide range of uses. Examples include business branding items, event stickers, merchandising, marketing, product freebies and much more. Hand them out, post them, pop them in packaging – the choice is yours!

To order individually kiss cut sticker singles online, start by entering your size and shape for an instant price.

When we refer to stickers being individually cut and kiss cut, they are two distinct aspects of the stickers and labels we create.

What are kiss cut stickers?

All stickers are made out of two layers. There’s the main layer, with the design printed on the front and the adhesive applied to the back. Then there’s the backing layer, which protects the sticky side until it’s peeled off so the sticker can be applied to a surface.

When a sticker is kiss cut, only the main layer (i.e. the printed sticker itself) is cut through into the desired shape. The backing is left uncut. This is what allows you to peel the sticker away from the backing layer.

To do this, we have specialist rotary die and laser cutters that are so accurate, they can be set up to cut only a fraction of a millimetre into the printed stickers. That cleanly cuts through the sticker itself while leaving the backing untouched. It’s very precise!

What are individually cut stickers?

Once the personalised stickers are printed and kiss cut, we use a machine called a slitter to cut the backing layer around each kiss cut sticker. This makes each sticker a separate unit with the backing still applied that can be removed when ready. They're also referred to as sticker singles. 

Is it possible to get kiss cut stickers in other formats?

Absolutely. All the stickers and labels we sell are kiss cut, but the backing layer is dictated by the chosen supply format. This page is about individually cut stickers, but we also sell kiss cut stickers on sheets and printed sticky labels on rolls.

Resolution: 300dpi+

Colour format: CMYK

Bleed: 3mm

Safe zone: 3mm

File formats: PDF, JPEG, AI, EPS

Unsure about anything?

Not to worry. We'll always manually inspect the files you send us before we start printing. If we spot anything unusual, we'll contact you with a proof first. And if we do find any issues relating to the specifications, we can often fix them for you at no extra charge as well.

How can I order?

To order online, get started by entering your shape and size above for an instant price. You can then follow the steps to place your online in minutes.

Alternatively, please contact us where one of our sales advisors will be happy to build the order for you.

What is kiss cut?

With kiss-cut stickers, only the main layer (i.e. the sticker itself) is cut through into the desired shape. The backing paper is left intact. This allows for easy peeling when it’s time to apply the sticker.

What is individually cut?

Each sticker is cut out from the rest to create separate singles. This is in contrast to supply formats such as rolls or sheets, where all the stickers are connected together by the backing layer.

What are these stickers suitable for?

Typically, we create a lot of these custom sticker singles for business marketing, events, branding and merchandising purposes.

For example, a business may include a few logo stickers as freebies inside product packaging before shipping to customers. They’re also popular in event goodie bags, as well as for band, organisation and website merchandise.

Can the stickers be made waterproof?

Absolutely. Just choose polypropylene vinyl as your material when creating your order.

What shapes and sizes are available?

We can print ANY bespoke size with your own measurements. Shapes include square, circle, rectangle and oval, or you can opt for an entirely custom shape of your choice.

What if I don’t have any artwork yet?

If you don’t have any kiss cut sticker artwork to upload yet, you’re in luck. We offer a free optional design service with all orders. Just select the option during checkout, and then upload any text or images for inclusion along with a description of what you’re looking for. We’ll handle the rest.

How much is delivery?

Next-day UK delivery after dispatch comes as standard with all individually cut sticker orders, and it’s completely FREE.

How much do they cost?

With bulk quantity discounts, we can print your order from as little as 0.15p per unit.

What’s the turnaround time?

Turnaround is typically just a few working days. For a precise estimate based on your requirements, build your order online and you’ll be given an estimated delivery date on the basket page.