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How to buy cheap rectangle stickers and labels online

Your order could be placed and ready to be printed only minutes from now. It’s easy with Discount Sticker Printing! Now you have your choice of shape, it’s time to choose your size. Simply enter in your measurements to make the rectangle as small or large and as wide or narrow as you need.

Once you’ve done this, enter in your remaining details, including quantity and your choice of finish. After submitting this, you will be presented with an instant online quote and a place to upload your artwork. At this point, you can even select for us to create a completely free basic custom design if you don’t have your own artwork to use.

After this, simply complete the rest of the checkout process and we’ll take it from there. Your order will be printed with 1440dpi high definition printing using eco-friendly solvent inks for crisp detail, vivid colour and full weatherproof properties for indoor and outdoor use.

Once printed, they’re packaged up and then shipped to you with next day UK delivery as standard. If you order is over £50, even this is free!

Best of all, this comes at some of the UK’s lowest prices for cheap rectangle labels and stickers which offer first class quality and service.

To find out how little you have to pay for custom rectangle stickers and labels, start by entering your details into the calculator above.

Further Information

What are Rectangle Stickers?

Rectangle stickers are an excellent choice for a company seeking to label boxes, goods and products. They are a classic, timeless option for any company looking to showcase their branding or product information.. Whatever design you have in mind, you can guarantee that rectangle stickers will have more than enough room - corner to corner, to be exact - to display it. Almost every industry you could think of use, or have used, rectangular stickers to spread the compelling message of their brand, whether they specialised in food, cosmetics, homeware, office equipment, or more.

Benefits of Using Rectangle Stickers

The benefits of using rectangle stickers are numerous, with possibly the main one being the versatility that the shape offers. Whether your brand utilises glass jars, tins, boxes or more, your rectangular sticker will be able to sit neatly wherever you choose to place it.

Sleek, straight edges and clean lines offer a polished finished aesthetic, while the simple shape makes rectangle labels effortless to design and apply artwork to. If you are interested in being more eco-friendly, rectangle stickers could be the choice for you, as the printing and cutting process has less paper waste.

Materials and Finish Options for Rectangle Stickers

When it comes to finish options for rectangle stickers, you can opt for matt, gloss, metallic, clear and more. Whichever finish you choose will be expertly created with our 1440dpi high-definition printing press, ensuring every detail is crisp, rich and vibrant.

For more durable, hard-wearing stickers, we recommend opting for our polypropylene vinyl, which offers waterproof, weatherproof and UV protection. This material is ideal for products that are going to be stored in warehouses or even outside.

A more cost-effective option is our paper material, which encourages a more rustic, handmade aesthetic. Whichever material and finish you choose, we guarantee that your design will stand out from the crowd.

Design and Customisation Options for Rectangle Stickers

If you have your own logo and illustrations ready to go, simply upload them, along with your desired sizes, material and finish, onto our website for a free and instant quote.

However, if graphic design is not in your wheelhouse, why not have one of our expert illustrators take your ideas and draw something up for you?

Or, if you would prefer, browse some of our free basic templates to see whether any catch your eye. We pride ourselves on offering stickers that are completely customisable and personal to your brand.

Rectangle Stickers for Business and Marketing


Rectangle stickers are ideal for promotional business products and marketing strategies, and have been used for these purposes for many years. For example, they can be given out at trade shows, or even applied to office items like mugs and reusable coffee cups.

Why not cover your laptop cover, water bottle, or even phone case, to maximise exposure? Branding car bumpers can even help to get a brand’s message across, which rectangle stickers are absolutely perfect for. After all, all it takes is one glance for somebody to go home and look up your company.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape for Rectangle Stickers

Our extensive size list has a huge variety of options, allowing you to blow your stickers up to the size of a wall or door, or keep them small and dainty. Not only this, but our dimensions are fully customisable, making it easy for you to make your rectangle stickers as wide or as narrow as you require them.

Considering the kind of usage you require of your rectangle stickers will make size and shape easier to determine. If you find yourself unsure of what to go for, do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team, who will be happy to help you out.

Ordering and Delivery of Rectangle Stickers

We pride ourselves on an efficient 2-3 working days turnaround time, with free UK next-day delivery once the order has been processed. Your individual delivery date will be available on your personal account and also in the confirmation email when you submit your order.

How to Order Rectangle Stickers

If you know which size, shape and design you would like to apply to your rectangle stickers, you can submit this information on our website for a free and instant quote. After this, you can choose to call our sales team to have them talk you through the ordering process, or continue customising your rectangle stickers yourself.

FAQ – Common questions answered!


Q. Can my rectangle labels and stickers be made to any dimension and size?
Yes! Your own measurements not only allow any size large or small, but also any dimension, so you can make them as wide or as narrow as you need.

Q. Can I upload my own artwork?
Yes! Upload your own artwork or even let us create free basic custom artwork for you if you don’t have your own design.

Q. What sort of finishes do you offer?
Matt, gloss, metallic, clear and more – just take your pick!

Q. Are they suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
Yes! Vinyl material and eco-friendly solvent inks makes them fully waterproof, weatherproof and UV resistant.

Q. What are your turnaround and delivery terms?
Your order will usually be printed within 2 to 3 working days and then shipped to you with next day UK delivery as standard.