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Product Labels

Custom product label printing in ANY size from 0.1p each

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Product labels that help you make more money

If someone hasn’t tried your product, how do they decide whether to buy it? 

Your label plays a critical part. The better the label looks, the more appealing your product will be, and the more people will buy it.

This is why we keep prices low, but never sacrifice quality to do it. After all, if our customers sell more products, they’ll need more labels, so it works out pretty well for us too.

Our actions have consequences

Businesses can’t sell their products without labels. That makes them very important, and leaves product label suppliers with a big responsibility. 

We take that responsibility very seriously. Yes, the labels need to be cheap and the quality must be good. But we also need to ensure that you have a 100% reliable flow of labels, without hiccups, to keep production flowing.

Product sticky labels

Fully customised

If you’re an artisan producer, we can do small label print runs from £5.85. If you’re a larger manufacturer, our prices start at 0.1p each with a guarantee to beat any like-for-like price.

Applying by hand? Using a mechanical applicator? We can supply your product labels in the optimal way.

We have a graphics department, too. Need a new design? We'll create it free. Need amends? We can do them at no extra charge. Uploading your own label artwork? We'll manually check it before we print for your peace of mind.

Custom product labels are critical parts of your marketing and branding efforts. They're often the first, and sometimes only, advertising elements that prospects will see when deciding whether to buy your product.

Take away the label and a product becomes an unknown. A customer may not be able to tell what’s inside it, who made it, what it’s made of, or what it’s like. Nor will they know why they should buy your product instead of a competitor’s offering.

In fact, people often judge a product solely on its label or sticker. If it looks good, the product looks good. But if it looks shabby, then negative assumptions can quickly form that are difficult to shift. That applies not just to the quality of the printing, but also the material, design, information and fit.

The humble product label is therefore a very important thing, and can have a measurable effect on your sales and profit levels.

The label also has some important duties. It may have a barcode for inventory purposes, instructions to educate customers, as well as product information regarding ingredients, contents, nutritional values, weights and warnings. Some are optional, while others must be printed on to abide by laws and industry regulations.

Resolution: 300dpi+

Colour format: CMYK

Bleed: 3mm

Safe zone: 3mm

File formats: PDF, JPEG, AI, EPS

Unsure about anything?

Not to worry. We'll always manually inspect the files you send us before we start printing. If we spot anything unusual, we'll contact you with a proof first. And if we do find any issues relating to the specifications, we can often fix them for you at no extra charge as well.

How do I order custom product labels?

The quickest way is to order online. Enter your size and shape requirements above to receive an instant price, and then follow the instructions to arrange your artwork and complete your order.

Alternatively, our sales advisors are available to build your order for you. They can be contacted via phone, email or live chat right here on our website.

I’m a smaller producer – can you help?

A large amount of our customers are small to medium sized businesses, including online retailers and independent shops. We can print smaller runs, depending on label size, of quantities less than 100.

I’m a large-scale manufacturer – can you help?

Our infrastructure allows us to remain price competitive for large scale product label printing. We have produced a number of multi-million label orders, as well as quantities split across dozens of artworks.

How can I customise my product labels?

Nothing is off limits. Enter a bespoke size, pick a shape (rectangle, circle, oval, square or completely custom) and choose from a range of materials, finishes and supply formats.

Can I upload my own artwork?

Certainly. And with our Artwork Check Guarantee, you can do that with complete peace of mind, as we’ll manually inspect your artwork before we start printing. If it looks perfect, we’ll print it. But if we spot any issues, or we’re unsure about anything, we’ll contact you first.

This check comes as standard with all orders.

What if I don’t have any artwork yet?

That’s where our free design offer comes in handy. While placing your order, you can describe the design you’re looking for and upload any text or images. We’ll then create it and send you a proof, typically within 1-2 working days, completely free.

And as we’ll be creating it, we can guarantee it will meet all the specification requirements of our product label printing service.

Can you create custom shapes?

Alongside the traditional circle, oval, square and rectangle, we can also create completely custom shapes using our high-speed laser cutters. Just select custom shape during the order process, or visit our custom shape product labels page to find out more. 

Can you do sequential printing?

Yes, this is certainly something we can do if each product needs a unique number or other identifier. Please contact us.

What supply formats are available?

We supply custom product labels on rolls as standard, as they’re essential for mechanical application and arguably the best for manual/hand application too.

That being said, we can also supply the labels on sheets including A6, A5 and A4, and as individually cut (kiss cut), which is a useful format if you would like to supply sticky labels inside your product packaging for customers to apply themselves elsewhere.

Can you make the labels food-safe/non-toxic?

All the materials we use are generally considered safe for the vast majority of purposes. Our adhesives are water-based acrylic, and our Xeikon print toners are FDA-approved as being food-safe.

As for the materials, we have polypropylene which is safe for the outside of food packaging, and uncoated paper which is safe even for direct food contact. This also makes them suitable for other situations where mouth contact may occur, such as children’s toys.

If you’re unsure and would like a recommendation for your specific requirement, please get in touch or visit our page about food-safe product labels

Can you make them waterproof?

Any labels we make with polypropylene vinyl are waterproof, weatherproof and UV resistant. This includes our standard opaque labels, as well as our metallic and clear/transparent options.

Will the labels be eco-friendly?

Yes. Our materials are responsibly sourced, and the toner we use contains no solvents and therefore doesn’t emit any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our own logistic, printing and manufacturing operations are also highly efficient in all resource uses.

Will the labels fit inside my applicating machine?

We can create product labels that can be used in most types of label applicators. Please contact us for a specialised order where we’ll adapt the specifications to your needs.

I have a range of products that require labels – what can you do for me?

With our multi-design option, we can split one quantity across multiple artworks of the same shape and size, so you benefit from the best bulk quantity discount available. You can do this by ordering online using the calculator above, or by contacting us.

I’ve found a lower price elsewhere – can you beat it?

We can beat any like-for-like price you find elsewhere. Just show us a lower price (this could be a PDF, email, screenshot or web link) and we’ll send you a revised quote in a matter of minutes.

How can I reorder in future?

We save all order specifications and artworks, so you can easily reorder previous label orders in just a few clicks.