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Static Cling Style Window Stickers
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Static cling stickers
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What are custom static self cling stickers and labels? 

Printed static cling window stickers have a rubber-like nature that means when you apply them to any window, they ‘stick’ down without sliding. They will stay put for a while, but can be effortlessly removed by peeling them off residue-free. 

This makes static window clings suitable for a number of different uses. For example, they’re ideal for short-term promotion (such a window displays) where they may only need to be stuck down for weeks, days, hours or even minutes. 

But we sell the low tack adhesive version instead – here’s why it's better:

Low tack uses a special adhesive which sticks just like static cling, but can be removed with no adhesive residue. We highly recommend low tack stickers over static cling for the following reasons: 

1). Up to 50% cheaper 

Static cling is a far more expensive material. With low tack adhesive material, you’ll have the same results up to 50% cheaper which could save you hundreds of pounds.

2). NO residue 

The special adhesive can be peeled away with no leftover glue – just like static.

3). A firm hold 

Don’t let “low tack” fool you. It still provides a very firm hold. It's even better than static during winter or outdoor use, as it's unaffected by weather or condensation (which can cause issues with static). Perfect for windows, glass, smooth metal and plastic.

4). Better print quality than static

Precision print presses used today have difficulty printing in high resolution due to the static interfering with the print head. However, with low tack, there’s no such issue, meaning that we can use our class-leading Xeikon 3300 press to give you some of the best sharpness and colour depth you’ll find anywhere in the UK. 

5). More durable 

Low tack stickers use polypropylene vinyl which is waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant, scratch-resistant, tear-resistant and suitable for years of indoor or outdoor use. It’s a lot tougher. 

To see how much more affordable they are compared to static cling, please enter your requirements into the calculator above for an instant price.

Static cling stickers

Static cling stickers are one of the most popular types of custom stickers in the world. From retail outlets to offices, their flexibility and lack of residue have made them a huge success. Most car owners will have at least one example in their vehicles – that little sticker the garage leaves to remind you of your oil change - static cling. In an advertising campaign for Microsoft’s MSN 8 Internet service, on October 24, 2002, hundreds of decals of the MSN butterfly logo were affixed to surfaces in New York City.

What is it?

Static cling is a the result of the creation of static electricity which occurs when air-dry materials rub together, and a transaction of electrons, creates an electrical charge. This charge can build up as static electricity and cause two objects to stick or hold together. When electrons are charged one physical object will gain them, becoming negatively charged, while the opposite will lose them, becoming positively charged. Oppositely charged objects will then get attracted to each other. Static-cling stickers do not really cling with static electricity. They cling to smooth-textured surfaces, such as glass, because of the adhesive forces of plasticizer molecules between the smooth surfaces. As the molecules dislocate over time stickers lose their power to “cling.” This breakdown normally occurs as an outcome of dust, water and elemental interference. So the most popular and flourishing use is for internal window stickers.


Static cling stickers are made from electrostatically charged polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC, a clear self cling, non adhesive soft pvc which allows ease of removal after application. This cling film is very smooth and pliable due to the addition of extra fluid plasticizers into the PVC in its liquid state. This enables it to stick to smooth, clean, solid surfaces - mainly glass. This smooth finish creates an excellent surface for printing. The clear film is recommended for printing using screen printing or thermal transfer printing and is supplied on a kraft liner allowing computer cutting of the decal. It is most commonly applied to glass though will also adhere to other substrates such as steel and perspex. Decals produced with static cling can be removed cleanly after application. Preferred printing methods are thermal transfer or silk screen printing.

Buy static-like low tack stickers online for quality without the cost

It’s easy. Simply select your shape, choose your printing options, enter in your quantity and then enter in your own custom size for an instant online quote.

If you’re happy with the price, just upload your artwork (or select free basic custom artwork from us) and then complete your order online. Once received, we’ll print your stickers with 1440dpi high definition using eco-friendly solvent inks for stunning detail, vivid colours and full weatherproof properties – making them ideal for years of indoor or outdoor use.

They will then be shipped to you in only 2 to 3 working days with next day UK delivery after dispatch as standard. Spend over £50 and even the delivery is free!

FAQ – Common questions about static cling vs low tack answered! 

Q. Do you sell traditional static cling? 

We used to, but technology has come a long way since then. These days, there are alternatives such as low tack which are just as easy to remove, a lot cheaper, better at adhering and much better looking in terms of print quality. 

Q. Do low tack stickers and labels work just like static cling? 

Yes, and they’re up to 50% cheaper! Even if you leave them on a window or glass surface for years, they’ll peel off just as easily without residue. 

Q. I wanted static cling, but how do I know that low tack will do the job? 

Our decision to switch from traditional static to low tack was made with our customers in mind. They do cost a lot less to produce, but we’ve halved our prices to pass the savings on to you. 

Please feel free to compare our low tack prices to static cling stickers elsewhere – you’ll see exactly what we mean! 

The most important requirement was that they act exactly like static, where they’re easy to peel off without residue. That’s what low tack does. Plus, it even sticks better (particularly outdoors) and allows for a much better print finish. 

It’s just better in so many ways, and that’s why we decided to switch to low tack. We’re very confident you’ll find it superior too.

Q. What size options are available?

You can enter in your very own measurements for your own custom size! Just pop the numbers in and then receive an instant quote.

Q. What shapes are available?

Choose from round, square or rectangular, or even contact us for a custom shape contour cut.

Q. What is the turnaround and delivery?

Your stickers will be printed in 2 to 3 days and then shipped to you with FREE next day delivery as standard on all UK orders.

Q. Can I upload my own artwork?

Yes! You can upload your own artwork or we can even create free basic artwork for you if you don’t have a design of your own.

Q. What are low tack stickers suitable for?

They’re ideal for any window where you need a firm hold but also the ability to easily remove them without leaving any residue. They can also be used on any flat and smooth glass, metal or plastic surface.

Q. Can I choose which side they’re printed?

Yes! With the options available, they can either be printed ‘inside facing out’ so they’re stuck on the inside of the window with the graphic facing through the glass, or ‘inside facing in’, so they’re stuck on the glass with the graphic design facing away from the glass.

Q. Are they weatherproof or waterproof?

Yes! We only use polypropylene vinyl and Xeikon toner which are fully weatherproof, waterproof and UV resistant for years of indoor or outdoor use.

Please use our calculator above for an instant price to see how affordable your easy-remove window stickers can be.