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How to order cheap permanent stickers or cheap removable stickers online which give you premium quality without the expensive costs.

You could have your order completed only minutes from now with these simple steps. Firstly, use the on-page calculator to enter in your order details, including type of adhesive, quantity, size, shape, finish and so on.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given an instant price on your order and a place to upload your artwork or select free artwork from our designers. When that’s complete, just finish the checkout process as directed and that’s it – your order is done!

After that, you can leave the rest to us. Your printed permanent / removable stickers or labels will be printed to any size on PVC vinyl with 1440dpi high definition for stunning detail and quality. They’ll then be applied with your adhesive of choice, packaged up and shipped to you with next day UK delivery which is free for orders over £50! That’s how easy it is, and to top it off, we also aim to offer some of the UK’s lowest prices. 

See for yourself by entering the type of removable / permanent stickers or labels into the calculator above for your instant online price.

Whilst all our stickers and labels are premium quality, durable, weatherproof and cut to any shape or size, your choice of adhesive makes a big difference to how they can be used.

Firstly, let’s look at permanent stickers or labels. Usually, stickers are applied with a permanent adhesive as standard, meaning that once they’re stuck down, they’re made to stay down! This is not only ideal if you have no intention of removing them, but the extra-strong adhesive makes them extra durable for years of indoor or outdoor use. However, whilst they are built to stick hard, permanent labels and stickers can be carefully removed without residue if necessary, so don’t worry if there’s a possibility that you may have to remove them in future.

Overall, they’re perfect for any type of business or promotional use where you have no intention of removal. They’re also especially useful as directions or signage for premises and events where making sure that they stay stuck down strongly is a big benefit. With any shape, size and finishes available, simply tailor them to the purpose.

Secondly, let’s look at removable stickers or labels. They have all the same quality and functionality, except they’re applied with an adhesive which is easily removable within 6 months of application. There’s no picking or tearing off bits of sticker here! Thanks to the adhesive and PVC vinyl material, they stick down firm and can simply be peeled off in one go without any residue remaining.

This makes removable labels and stickers perfect for any branding or promotion exercise where they may need to be removed due to offers changing, products/services changing or the need to replace them with a more up to date sticker. They’re also fantastic for short-term or one-off  events where you need promotion or signage which will eventually need to be removed with ease.

To find out how cheap removable or permanent stickers and labels can be, start by getting your instant price using the calculator above.

FAQ – Common questions answered!

Q.What’s the difference between the two types of adhesive?
Permanent label and sticker printing – A strong, permanent adhesive which makes sure that your stickers or labels are stuck down firmly and difficult to remove. However, they can be carefully removed without residue if necessary.

Removable sticker and label printing – The adhesive is easily removable within 6 months of application but still provides a firm bond. When you’re ready to remove them, just peel them off!

Q.Are they both suitable for outdoor use?
Both types of adhesive can resist water, so when this is combined with PVC vinyl material and eco- friendly solvent inks, it results in permanent/removable labels and stickers which are fully waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant and suitable for years of indoor or outdoor use!

Q.What finishes are available?
Matt, gloss, metallic, clear and more – simply choose the finish you need.

Q.What sizes are available?
Virtually any size! Just enter in your own measurements for an instant price.

Q.What shapes are available?
Square, rectangleoval, circle and more. However, we can also produce completely custom shapes with contour cutting available – just select other in the shapes box and list your required shape.

Q.What are your turnaround and delivery terms?
Your order is usually printed within 2 to 3 working days and then immediately shipped to you with next day UK delivery as standard (free for orders over £50!).