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How to Design the Perfect Label

How to Design the Perfect Label

Of all the ways that brands try influence purchasing decisions i.e. TV advertising, print ads, social media etc., arguably the most important thing to get right is the product label itself. With so many people making their final decision in-store, it's vital to have a compelling product label if you want your product to stand out from the competition.

But how do you go about creating the perfect product label? Below are some of the key steps involved.

Researching your customers

Research is a vital part of creating a product label. Even if you already have what you think is a strong idea in mind for your label, you still need to conduct thorough research. For example a competing brand might be using a very similar label to what you have in mind.

As well as researching competing brands/products, you should also research the type of customers that your product is aimed at. This helps you to get a better idea of what direction the design of the label should take.

Using the right materials

The right materials for the product will depend on what it is and what impression you want to create with customers. Glossy labels work well for products that are in bottles, containers, boxes etc.

If you want your product to be more understated then you might opt for a matt label or even a label that's made from recycled cardboard (this is particularly good if you want to push an environmentally-friendly image).

If you have a product that's very bright and vibrant already, such as a juice drink, then you might want to opt for a minimal design that lets the product speak for itself.

Colours and typography

Colours and typography are a huge part of the overall design of a product label. The colours and typography you use will say a lot about the product so you should choose them carefully.

Colours have been shown to have an impact on buyers' emotions so research into colour theory is important. The typography you use also has a big impact on the design so you should think about the type of product you're selling and which typography works best.

Check out the infographic below that lays out how to create the perfect product label in a very clear and concise way.